Big Ben Moonbeam Alarm Clocks

Westclox 1950 Big Ben Moonbeam Alarm Clocks

Westclox Big Ben 1950 Moonbeam Yellow Alarm Clock  with USB 44000Y


Westclox Big Ben 1950 Moonbeam Aqua Blue Alarm Clock  with USB 44000BG


The Westclox 1950 Big Ben Moonbeam alarm clocks have been gently waking sleepers for over 50 years. Originally created by Westclox in the 1950’s, this popular clock has been more than just a way to get up in the morning. This clock has become a conversation piece, a center of attention, and just about a member of the family.

Funky, vibrant, or classic, whatever your style, the Moonbeam is sure to please with its great vintage retro look.

Our yellow moonbeams are the newest model of the authentic remakes. This is the new, updated model that Moonbeam fans have been waiting for! With soft LED lights and great light and alarm options, the Moonbeam is more personalize-able than ever before.

What is a Moonbeam?

Actually, for the record, the official name is “Moon Beam”, but most people just call it “moonbeam”, as in a ray of moonlight.

Once dubbed The Considerate Alarm, it gradually wakens sleepers with a flashing  light that increases in intensity. After 4 minutes, it sounds a bell alarm to waken heavier sleepers. The dial features a back light that is continuously lit, which many find comforting as a nightlight.

This clock has become popular amongst people with hearing impairment, as this clock is the perfect alarm clock for the deaf because of the flashing light alarm.

What is the difference between the new and older versions of the Moonbeam clocks?

The older version’s “beam” is a 25 watt light bulb, and the dial’s back light is continuously lit. The newer version features LED lights, which have a longer life, generate less heat, use less electricity, and have a softer glow. The 44000 also has an on/off switch for the back light for those that find the continuous-lit dial too bright when they sleep.

The 44000 series allows you to choose between Bell Only and Light & Bell alarm options.

The USB charging port is Big Ben’s nod to today’s tech needs… now you can charge your phone or other device by your bedside.

Westclox Source is proud to offer 2 color options: yellow and aqua blue.

Whatever color you do choose, rest assured that you have the Westclox Source’s customer service and Westclox warranty behind you to ensure that you are thrilled with your purchase.