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Travel alarm clocks are things that you don’t always remember to pack. But any seasoned traveller can tell you, hotel alarm clocks don’t always work the way you’re expecting them to. Or your smartphone wasn’t as charged as you thought it was. Or any one of tens of mishaps that could go wrong when you’ve got to get up on time for the meeting or flight or tour or hike… Take along a Westclox travel alarm clock on your next trip, you’ll be glad you did.

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Leaving home, no matter for how long, brings a lot of changes with it. Your surroundings, your schedule, where you stay, where you go to sleep, when you wake up…all that can change when you’re on the move. But how you wake up will always remain the same. Westclox travel clocks are great whether on the road, in the dorm, on vacation, or even at home. Compact, easy to use, and durable, your Westclox travel clock is a travel companion you’ll always want with you.