Westclox 0.9" LED Plasma Screen Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port 71014X

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This is one of those simply great alarm clocks, no bells and whistles, no complicated features that you can't figure out. Just plug it in and set time and alarm time and you're good to go! Nice and clear 0.9 inch LED numeral display without other "stuff" cluttering the screen. Big snooze button on front of base, as well as alarm off/hi/lo slider.  We did sneak in one little extra feature, because it just made sense...USB charging port for your mobile device is on the side of the base, so that you and your phone can start the new day, refreshed and recharged. What a way to let the day begin!

Please note that the smartphone and charging cable is NOT included.

Runs on 110V only.

This is a great option for hotels looking for a simple yet sleek solution for their guestrooms.

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