Moving Letter from an Old Alarm Clock

We received a beautiful tribute from Kathy L. McLarty on behalf of a beloved, hard-working clock that is still keeping time, 29 years strong!
Thank you so much for taking the time to send such warm words. The staff at Westclox found it touching, humorous, and encouraging.

We wish you, your family, and your beloved clock happiness, health, and many loving, productive years together.

Dearest Technological Parent:
I am your product model SPARTUS # 21 3004-500 you probably don’t remember me. I have no hands, short body, is that why you gave me away? My new mom says that my face has a glow to it, she even says that she can read what I’m thinking about just by looking at me.

I have had two foster families before I came to my mom, one was a short stay at a store called Longs Drugs in Lodi, CA; the other was at a couples house that wrapped me in wedding paper and gave me away to my adoptive parents 11/28/1981.

My adoptive parents were so thrilled with me they let me stay in their room always. Over the years I have seen many things happen through out my life. I saw the births of my 2, ½ siblings, a brother/sister, many a work day and school days and Church days. I enjoyed the vacation days with the family . We even had some quiet days together, when I stayed quiet and didn’t wake my parents up. Once in a great while when the electricity goes off, I did’t get the family up on time, but they understood. I even had to experience the death of my adoptive father in 1996, I was only 15 years old. We all were very sad on that day.

My sister & brother have all moved out to create their own families. My mom has remarried and her new husband has been kind enough to let me stay in their room still. We are all retired now, but mom still smiles as she sees my face and still knows what I am thinking after 29 years. I still have to gently chide them to get up for Church, at times I sometimes get a tap on the head when they don’t want to get up, but I am persistent and do my duty.

As my technological parents, I don’t want anything from you, I just wanted you to know I have been happy in my life, and wanted to praise you for your good workmanship in creating me.

I am still strong and alert, some say at 29 I have lived longer than most, so I am proud of myself. I know my days & nights are numbered, but as long as I am plugged into the wall, I will stay on task.

Well I will close now, I would like to thank you for listening to a rambling old clock.

SPARTUS # 21 3004-500