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Alarm clocks define how your days begin. We’ve all got to get up, but HOW you get up can make a difference in how your day goes. Do you need a super loud alarm to jolt you out of a dead sleep? Do you need a gentle, more considerate alarm? The classic Moonbeam clock will flash a light before ringing an alarm, which is great for dorm-life as well.

Crosley Bronze Nautical Desk Alarm Clock

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UPC: 844220013880
Brand: Crosley

Crosley vintage nautical style alarm clock. Vintage design with modern functionality. All metal case and accents with antique Bronze finish. Accurate quartz movement keeps you on time with a beeping alarm. Clock pivots on the posts for an adjustable viewing angle. Simple operating controls. Uses 1 AA battery.

  • Nautical design
  • All metal construction
  • Antique finish
  • Dome glass lens
  • Antique dial design
  • Quiet Sweep Movement, NO MORE TICKING SOUND

Stylish Design

The Crosley vintage nautical style alarm clock has the perfect blend of Vintage design with modern functionality. A great choice for either the night stand or office desk. This alarm clock looks just as good as it performs.

adjustable clock

Adjustable viewing angle

With two pivots on each of the posts, the Nautical Desk Alarm is able to adjustable its viewing angle to suit the users needs. Making this clock versatile to most of its users needs.

Vintage Metal Clock Stylish

All Metal Design

Simple Settings

Nautical Design

One of the best aspects of The Crosley Nautical Desk Alarm Clock is it's stylish design. Specifically constructed with a nautical feel and look, this alarm clock serves as a perfect home addition for any ship or ocean admirer. Great for any desk or nightstand, The Crosley Nautical Desk Alarm Clock's small profile makes decorating your home a breeze.

All Metal Construction

The Crosley Nautical Desk Alarm is made with all metal construction. With a sharp design that's built to last, the Crosley Nautical Desk Alarm makes for an excellent addition to your home.

Simple Operating Controls

The simple operating controls makes for an easy alarm set up and the accurate quartz movement keeps you on time with a gentile beeping alarm. Simply install 1 AA battery into the alarm clock and set it to the appropriate time.

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How you get up in the morning has a huge impact on how the rest of your day goes. Getting off to the right start, at the right time, is the best way to start your day. Westclox alarm clocks have been waking generations of Americans. Each person has his or her own best way of getting up, and Westclox has an alarm clock that is just right for each and every individual. From the old-fashioned key-wound bell clocks to contemporary touchscreen or voice control alarm clocks, from no-frills to bells-and-whistles, we’ve got something that fits your personal needs.

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