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Technical FAQ

Grab the back case and twist it counter clockwise about 1 inch. It will unlock and allow you to access the batteries.

The older Moonbeam models have a replaceable light bulb that can be purchased online, here is a link to one of the sources: http://1000bulbs.com/product/76/IN-0010C7DC.html The new Moonbeam models (ending with X, eg: 43000X, or 43007X) have LED lights and cannot be replaced.

Hi, I have your model 70026 atomic world clock. I cannot for the life of me get it to understand I live in Roatan Honduras. It keeps resetting itself 1 hour ahead. Is there any possible way to override the built in location feature or do I have to live with a clock that is [...]

For some reason with the date set correctly the day of the week is not correct. How can I fix this? This will happen when the YEAR is not set to the correct year. Many people skip that step when setting the date, so the date and month are displayed correctly, but the day of [...]

We unfortunately do not have replacement temperature sensors for the Indoor/Outdoor Alarm Clock 70034 (great clock!). Every once in a while we may have extra sensors from a clock that was returned and is no longer salable. If you'd like to take a chance with the sensor from the returned clock and cover shipping costs, [...]

Bought a Westclox model 70018 alarm clock from Walmart. I have to get up at three in the morning and specifically wanted one with battery backup in case of power outages. Yesterday the power did go out and the battery backup did not work. Is there a switch to set or what? The most common [...]

Where does one replace the batteries for the 47508, and what battery type is it? On the bottom / back of the clock there is a small plastic cover (with an arrow). This is the battery door. Inside you will find a button cell/watch battery that needs to be replaced with battery size ‘LR44’.